Power Colon Cleanse

Power Colon Cleanse

Power Colon Cleanse lives up to its name for its stated purpose. It cleans the colon. However, despite the exciting ads promising that you'll lose inches from your waist line, it doesn't technically have any ingredients to do that. 

Although you would never know that from their ads. Why? Because they don't list the ingredients.  Uh-oh.  Shouldn't you know ahead of time what it is you're actually buying before you spend your money, and not just on a page of empty promises?  We thought so too.

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So how does Power Colon Cleanse accomplish its other goals, namely losing weight and inches? It cleans the colon. That's right, the weight loss you get from this product is mainly from cleaning out accumulated waste. In the short term that might be an effective strategy, particularly if you've been having constipation or bloating issues. You may actually lose a belt size or two from clearing out your colon. But that won't help you lose weight in other places, like your hips and thighs for example. That's because Power Colon Cleanse doesn't help you burn fat.  Much like the acai berry fad, some colon cleansing products rely on fluff and innuendo to convince people that their products do more than they really do.

That said, if you want a powerful colon cleanser, Power Colon Cleanse will fit the bill, just don't expect to lose much weight beyond your belly.

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